Artwork Selection Deadline has been extended!

Good news for all prospective PFAs- the deadline for Artwork Selections has been extended to Friday, February 12th. There are only 9 spots left, but there are still many great pieces available to select for interpretation!

Please take a look at the artwork thumbnails located under the AIB 2016 Selected Artwork tab and then fill out the two required forms, 2016 Artwork Selection Form and 2016 Program Information and Pedestal Request Form, which are posted under Resources. In order for your selection to be reserved, please email both of the above forms to

Happy selecting!

Selection Sessions are this week!

Reminder… the 2016 Artwork Selection Sessions at Mia will be held this week!

· Thursday, January 28th in the Villa Rosa Room: Doors open at 5:30pm, selection sessions begin at 6:00pm
· Friday, January 29th in the Villa Rosa Room: Doors open at 10:00am, selection sessions begin at 10:15am

Each session will begin with information about Art in Bloom (AIB) followed by participants being called up in groups to select artworks as designated by numbered & colored forms received upon arrival. In order to prepare for these sessions, please review the artwork options under the “AIB Selected Artwork” tab. We cannot guarantee your first choice, so come prepared with three or four alternative artworks that you would like to interpret.

Artwork Selection sign-up stations will be as follows:

TABLE 1: Gallery 100 – 210 (Atrium, China, Korea)
TABLE 2: Gallery 211 – 217, 250, 254 (India, SE Asia, Africa)
TABLE 3: Gallery 219 – 239, 240-243, 251 – 253 (Japan, Ancient, Islam)
TABLE 4: Gallery 256 – 280, 300 – 304 (Pacific Islands, Americas, Prairie School, Folk Art, Europe & America 1600-1900/part 1)
TABLE 5: Gallery 305 – 323 (Europe & America 1600-1900/part 2)
TABLE 6: Gallery 330 – 350 (Baroque, Europe 1200 – 1600, Silver)
TABLE 7: Gallery 351 – 357, 362 (Europe & America 1600-1900 – Impressionism, Judaica)
TABLE 8: Gallery 367 – 379 (Modern & Contemporary)

We will provide you with the numbered and color-coded Artwork Selection Form when you arrive at the session.
Large artwork images will be displayed on the walls of the Villa Rosa Room behind each sign up table. These images indicate the options available. Once an artwork has been removed from the wall, it is no longer available for interpretation. An updated EXCEL spreadsheet of available artworks will be added to the blog on Friday, January 29th.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend either selection session, you may designate a representative to select a piece and submit a form on your behalf. You may also call the Friends Intern desk to submit your request on Friday, January 29th after 12:00 noon.

Our maximum capacity for 2016 Art in Bloom is 165 floral interpretations. We will accept artwork selections until we reach 165 participants or Friday, February 5th, whichever comes sooner. We will also compile a waiting list of 10 alternates.

Questions? Contact the Friends Intern Desk at (612) 870-6543, or send an email to

Introducing a useful tool for Pedestal Floral Artists!

Visual Attention Analysis Offered

This year, 3M Visual Attention Software is once again offering Pedestal Floral Artists a free ‘heat map’ analysis of their selected art work. This is a computer simulation of eye tracking which shows where viewers look when they first encounter an art object. Knowing what gets a viewer’s attention can be a very helpful tool while constructing a floral arrangement to complement a particular work of art. The ‘heat map’ identifies the location and intensity of these attention-getting elements.

There will be a table with more information on the process at the upcoming art selection sessions, as well as an opportunity to sign up for this service.

Selected Artwork for Art in Bloom 2016 Has Been Posted!

The selected artwork for Art in Bloom 2016 is now available to view! Click on the tab above titled “AIB 2016 Selected Artwork″ for instructional information, and hover your mouse over the drop-down menu to browse images. The drop-down tab contains the over 250 varying artworks available for this year’s pedestal florists to interpret.

Enjoy perusing the collection, and we will see you on one of the following artwork selection dates:

Thursday, January 28th: Doors open at 5:30pm, the session begins at 6


Friday, January 29th: Doors open at 10am, the session begins at 10:30am

Questions? Call the Friends office at (612) 870-6543 or send us an email at

In the meantime, stay warm and get browsing!

Introductions are in order!

Good Morning Pedestal Floral Artists!

Our Pedestal Floral Artist Committee for Art in Bloom 2016 is hard at work ensuring that all of you will have a great experience participating in Art in Bloom 2016. We have eleven fabulous volunteers on the committee this year and we cannot wait for you to meet them personally. Here is a snapshot of the group!

2016 PFA com pic

They will be your go-to for all things floral this year – selecting artwork, collecting forms, answering questions, and helping make Art in Bloom 2016 a smooth and successful process! They also are very excited to introduce this year’s signature piece! The Art in Bloom 2016 signature piece is Magnolia grandiflora (The Laurel Tree of Carolina) by Georg Dionysius Ehret; After Mark Catesby

Our 2016 Signature piece!

It is a hand colored etching, which is a form of printmaking that is a very lengthy but rewarding process. To read an in depth account of this process, you can click here.

Mark Catesby was an English naturalist and pioneer of natural history publications until his death in 1749. His colleague, Georg Dionysius Ehret, was an 18th century  botanist and is best known for his botanical illustrations. His work can be found at the Natural History Museum in London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and our very own Minneapolis Institute of Art! The committee will be selecting a floral artist to interpret our signature piece, so stay tuned for more information.

Finally, here are some key dates to add to your calendar:

Art in Bloom 2016: Thursday, April 28th – Sunday, May 1st

Artwork Selection Sessions: Thursday, January 28th, 5 – 9 p.m. & Friday, January 29th, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Look for an invitation and selection guidelines in your mailbox after the holidays. The final listing of artwork options will be posted in early January. 

We look forward to working with you all!

Questions? Call the Friends Office at (612) 870-3045 or email us at

Greetings Artists

Welcome to the 2016 Art in Bloom Pedestal Floral Artists blog! This website will be your go to source for all things Art in Bloom. Here you will be able to find information about arranging pedestal floral art, important dates, selected artworks, dedications, special events, and more! Stay tuned for more announcements!

A Record Year for Art in Bloom!

Thank you all so much for the amazing work you did to make this year’s Art in Bloom such a success! We had record breaking visitor attendance this year – 41,000 people visited the museum to enjoy your wonderful floral creations!!

Our thanks and appreciation goes out to all the Art in Bloom Pedestal Floral Artists. You have shown us amazing possibilities with flowers, foliage, and engineering, and your talent has filled the galleries of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with a breath of springtime. We were blown away!

Check out all the stunning photos! A huge thank you to James Nash for his beautiful photos and continuous support of Art in Bloom. 2014 arrangements can be found here.

We are excited to announce the winners of the People’s Choice Awards.

Best Interpretation

Honorable Mention: The Poet with the Birds / Amy Chapman

Winner: Tornado Over St. Paul / Mayumi Redin

Most Creative

Honorable Mention: Your Dog / Wendy Lutter, Stephanie Ross

Winner: Chariot Finials with Bird / Karla Newman

Personal Favorite

Honorable Mention: Celestial Horse / Candace McCloskey, Matt Bierwerth, Courtney Ashby

Winner: Avalokitesvara / Beena Brown

Thank you again for all the hard work you have done this year and for bringing such beauty and creativity into the museum. Mark your calendars for April 28th – May 1st. Until next year!

Art in Bloom Arrangements!

Art in Bloom 2015 Arrangements

“I’ve had a membership in the MIA for about 10 years now.  I’ve taken photos of Art in Bloom 5 of the last 6 years.

As to volunteering, I enjoy photographing worthwhile projects that interest me.  I love to take pictures of flowers, it’s an enjoyable pastime and most of my acquaintances enjoy looking at them.  The combination of flower arrangements with great art pieces from over the centuries is always fascinating- especially when the floral artist really does the job.  I’ve shown slide shows of past Art in Bloom and also Macy’s flower shows occasionally to a Gathering group that I volunteer with. The Gathering is a program organized by Lyngblomsten in St. Paul and works with adults dealing with early dementia and Alzheimers symptoms.  They definitely appreciate the flowers and the musical accompaniment.

I hope that you enjoy the photos, I truly enjoyed taking them and working with them.”

Jim Nash

We Did it!

Thanks for the great set-up and all that you do. Now is time for the fun!

We apologize if something has changed, moved, shifted, etc. We had to make sure all was safe for the priceless art and huge crowds we are expecting at the MIA this weekend (remember we had almost 40, 000 last year — it was a bit like the State Fair)! We do not take this lightly and know how much time/thought is put into these arrangements. We are trying to balance respect for your arrangement and security needs of the museum.

Any extras pieces that were removed (rocks, eggs, stray branches, feathers) will be in the Friends Office for you to collect as needed.

A reminder that the coat roam area in the Target wing is available for temporary storage throughout the weekend. This is a non-secured area, and PFAs are responsible for their belongings. Do not leave items overnight!

Also, when in the galleries doing maintenance of your arrangement, do not leave clippers, scissors, sharp pointy tools in pouches, boxes, etc. out in the open and/or unattended!

Enjoy this weekend, and we will see you soon!