A Special Invitation for Pedestal Artists

Please join us on Sunday, April 29 for the People’s Choice Award Ceremony.  Take the opportunity to re-fresh your arrangements* on Sunday before joining us in the Fountain Court for a coffee reception followed by the award ceremony.

We will feature a slide show of images from this year’s Art in Bloom events and the lovely floral interpretations of the MIA’s collection.

 Awards will be given for the categories of Best Interpretation- First, Second and Third places and Most Creative or Whimsical – First, Second and Third places.

 The museum opens at 11 am on Sunday.  There will be ample parking before the museum opens.  The coffee reception begins at 11:30 in the Fountain Court and the People’s Choice Award Ceremony will begin at 12pm in Pillsbury Auditorium.  Docent led tours of the People’s Choice selections will be offered following the award ceremony.

 The People’s Choice Award coffee reception is sponsored by: The James Ford Bell Foundation.

  • Special Note:  Your beautiful interpretations will be on display for more than 6,000 members of the AAM (museum directors, executives and curators) Sunday evening. 

People’s Choice Award Ceremony

  • Sunday, April 29, 2012
  • Coffee reception in the Fountain Court beginning 11:30
  • Award Ceremony in Pillsbury Auditorium 12pm
  • Docent led tours of People’s Choice selections to follow


Cure “Florist Block” With Some Handy Tips from Karen Ortiz

Greetings florists!


Karen's interpretation of "Grainstack, Sun in the Mist" by Claude Monet. AIB 2011

With Art in Bloom just a month away, many of you are beginning to bring your ideas to reality. For those of you who are first-timers or are experiencing “florist block,” fear not! Karen Ortiz, AIB veteran and coordinator of Bachman’s Wedding Team, has a few words of advice:

1. Which different long-lasting types of flowers do you recommend florists use?

The air in the MIA is kept fairly dry because of the art work so it’s important to not only choose the right flowers but also handle them correctly. This will help them last longer.  Flowers that last long include carnations, mums, protea, statice, leucadendron, alstromeria, asters, monticasino, wax flower, and assorted grasses.  Be sure to make deep insertions into the floral foam, at least a couple of inches deep. Flower heads that are closer to the foam will last longer than a flower with a long stem.  As always, be sure to check on your arrangement and water it often!

2. Which types of flowers should florists stay away from because they will wilt, loose their petals, discolor, or die quickly?  Be careful about using delicate flowers like irises that won’t last long. Replace your flowers at least once during the show so your floral art looks its best. Flowers that may not last as long should be placed as close to the floral foam as possible. Make sure you use floral foam designed for fresh flowers as opposed to dried flowers.

3. Do you have any tips or advice for someone with “florist block”?  Floral design block? Don’t worry! Color is one of the most important details you want for your interpretation, so if the flowers you want to use don’t work out just pick a different flower in the same color. Texture is another detail you may also want to consider. Once you’ve chosen the container, it will get easier.  Test your container to make sure that it does not leak and have a plan to water your piece over the weekend. Remember, it is your floral art and it is all your interpretation so just enjoy it and have fun. Make sure that your mechanics are covered to make it look professional. Even if you are having design block, once you start it will all come to you. Have fun!

Readers:  Do you have other tips and tricks for creating arrangements for Art in Bloom?  Share them by leaving a comment!